Tanning Packages

Paradise Tans offers deep discounts for those of you who tan year round. Join our VIP membership club for $15.00 sign-up fee and get limited (once every 24 hours) tanning year round. Call or stop by to check pricing options. Just commit to one year and we will automatically deduct your monthly dues from your credit account or bank account.

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Santa Barbara

Paradise Tans 97501 Santa Barbara Package

The Santa Barbara is a LEVEL ONE 20 minute bed perfect for the beginner or those who want 20 minutes of relaxation.

1 Tan  $9.00
5 Tans  $38.00
10 Tans  $53.00
100 Minutes $39.00
Month Unlimited 56.00


Paradise Tans 97501 Pacifica Package

The Pacifica is our LEVEL TWO 12 minute bed. Less time, powerful bulbs and high pressure facial bulbs producing a natural sunkissed look.

1 Tan  $14.00
5 Tans   $48.00
10 Tans  $68.00
120 Minutes    $78.00
Month Unlimited  $75.00

Sun Up

Paradise Tans 97501 Standup Package

The sun Up ll is our LEVEL THREE 12 minute bed. This is a stand up bed with high powered bronzing bulbs and two high pressure facial bulbs. Great for on the go and full body exposure

1 Tan  $16.00
5 Tans  $63.00
10 Tans  $83.00
120 Minutes  $93.00
1 Month Limited   $90.00

Del Ray

Paradise Tans 97501 Del-Ray Package

The Del Ray is our LEVEL FOUR 12 minute bed. This is our best bronzing bed with wide canopy and high powered bronzing bulbs.

1 Tan  $21.00
5 Tans  $73.00
10 Tans   $94.00
120 Minutes  $103.00
1 Month Limited   $105.00

Experience the fine art of tanning . . .

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