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Customer Service and Online Reviews

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Most people assume that customer service is only about supplying the customer’s wants and needs at your local business.

You’ve heard it all before — we always put the customer first! But, then come the online reviews or word of mouth (WOM) and bam, your local business search engine rank begins to drop as you watch bad reviews pile up. Or perhaps you have not been paying attention to any online reviews. If you think this won’t affect your business — you’re wrong!

Did you know:

97% of consumers say they read reviews about local businesses. [BIA Kelsey]

Quite honestly online reviews can say a lot about your customer service listening skills. If you’re not looking at the big picture now — believe me, it can make or break your business over time.

Customer Service

Great customer service entails so much more than merely supplying customer wants and needs. Listening online and offline is key. When angry customers post scathing reviews or fake profiles post unbelievable reviews  — you have to suck it in and adult it. We’ve had a few of these too! One of the most comical reviews came from an obviously fake profile on Yelp, that had indeed visited our salon (because he knew something about our salon) and posted his original review on 10/22/18:

Yelp DW Review

We are not sure why DW did not wear goggles. We highly recommend always wearing goggles for every tanning session. As you can see above, he gave us three stars and found our salon amazing!

Online Reviews

Approximately five weeks later, DW experienced some type of meltdown. He updated his post and massacred our business stars from three to one: Yelp DW Fake Review

I should note here that we do not use acetone cleaners. Acetone eats acrylic! We did respond to DW in the spring of 2019 — we could not leave a false allegation hanging on Yelp.

Response by Paradise Tans to Yelp review

October through December 2018, DW managed to write 93 reviews on Yelp. Obviously, this was an effort on the part of DW to discredit us. We were not the only local business to suffer his Yelp review wrath. Though he did pen many five star reviews, most were highly entertaining to read.

On December 5, 2018, DW was in Medford at Paradise Tans, Food 4 less, The Wharf, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Elmer’s Restaurant, BricktownE Brewing, Providence Medford Medical Center, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, and Gastroenterology Consultants.

DW was also in Ashland on December 5, 2018 at Heartsong Nutrition, Market of Choice, Standing Stone Brewing Company, Wild Goose Cafe & Bar, and Breeze Botanicals.

As you can see, even obviously fake reviews are allowed to remain online indefinitely. Seriously, that old adage titled “the Internet never forgets” rings true today. In our next blog post, we will look at disgruntled employee/ex-staff reviews.

How do you handle online trolls or fake reviews? Let us know in the comments below or reply on our Facebook page.